October 26th


October 26th

Big crowd again yesterday, total of 33 folks doing a bunch of overhead squats, swings and double unders. And as usual there was some great movement and some not so great but everyone gave their best effort.


I am working on the finalization of the details for the upcoming challenge. I would like to do the initial workout/photos and discussion this Saturday if folks are going to be around. I know it's a holiday weekend and some folks will be going out of town, so maybe we could do a makeup on either Wednesday the 3rd or the following Saturday. Please let me know your thoughts..

I'm planning the next on-ramp to begin November 3rd. This will be the last for this year as we will not have one in December. Please pass this info on to anyone that may be interested.


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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    Very interested in what your coming up with??? So no halloween chocolate after sunday….Or Monday…