October 26th


October 26th

This weekend's Oly cert is over and what a great experience it was. Even though I had attended Greg Everett's Oly seminar last year, I didn't have enough experience and practice with the lifts to truly understand the material and how to apply it to teaching others. Sure, I read and studied his book and video as well as studied other video clips as well as clips of the CFCV members, but I am much better prepared now to learn and teach the lifts. With that said, we are going to take a few steps back in the lifts and improve the basics. So be ready!

Also at the cert the area affiliates were pretty well represented by owners and trainers. I had an opportunity to introduce myself and chat some with all and more with some. In the future we will try to get together and have area affiliate activities.

In the future Nicole and I are going to do a better job of communicating when classes are going to be covered in my absence. She is working hard to cover the holes and I just haven't followed through with updating the schedule. Keep an eye on the training schedule on the blog and the counter so you can stay informed. For instance this Friday I have to work at the FD. Nicole will be doing pm classes and there will be a 6am but no 7am, 9am or noon.

As usual there is another great entry on Robb Wolf's blog I hope you read it.

I went and looked at the new shirt layout today, much better and we will have smalls too!