October 11th


October 11th

More Important info!

First off, thanks to the coaches for banding together and purchasing Kelly Starrett's Mobility Wod posters. Between them and the link on this blog, our members now have access to important info on how to gain mobility and flexibility. It is up to you to use the information to get the most benefit.

Scheduling has been somewhat of a challenge recently. We seem to be falling back into the rut of folks coming in way early or way late. The class times are structured so that the coaches can accomplish things that must be done between classes. It also is disrespectful to make others wait while you warm up after you have arrived late. And the coaches can't be expected to coach you during your own class because you showed up early.

From this point on, the first 15 minutes following the class start time are dedicated to warm ups, mobility work or whatever you need to do. At 15 minutes following the start time, the WOD instruction begins and we rock n roll.

Everyone should be aware of the Barbell for Boobs event on 10/20. We will be doing the classic version of Grace which is 30 clean & jerks for time. CrossFit RAD folks from Carson City are our co-hosts for this event in our facility. The days leading up to the 20th will be focused in large degree on work leading up to Grace. We will do our normal strongman Friday, partner Saturday etc. but expect to see c&j progressions etc. We will be having a workshop if there's interest (so far there's been no showing of interest) this Saturday at noon for those of our families/friends that would like to come do Grace with us. We will scale for anyone/everyone as needed during the event. Everyone is also encouraged to bring spectators. The purpose is to raise awareness of breast cancer and maybe raise some $$$$$ for the benefit as well.

There will be no cost to enter the event persay but I would hope that very participant would donate through our page located here or one of our member's pages which can be found in the same place. I would also encourage everyone to purchase a t-shirt on their own at the site. We will not have any available here.

Our local newspaper (The Record Courier) has once again decided that they will not support our event by running copy about it, so we are at our member's mercy to pass on the information.

This Saturday at 3:00 we will also announce the winners of our recent Leanout Challenge followed by a barbecue. All wil take place at CFCV and all are invited, including members their families and friends. You are also welcome to bring prospective members that just want to have a look. No pressure! There have been some amazing transformations that will be unveiled via pics at the announcement. For those of you that have not paid for the challenge please do so we can give it to those who earned it.


Remember Bootcampers are also considered as members of the CFCV family!

2 Responses

  1. Mark Lilly

    Did anyone else register as a participant on the B4B site? It’s asking me to enter a name for a “custom page” thingy? HUH? I don’t get it. And it’s not letting me complete registration. What am I missing?

  2. Lester

    I’m with ya Mark. Eventually I just typed in huhh. After trying huh? and being told no ‘?’ then ‘huh’ was taken. Finished with huhh.
    Then it gets worse when it doesn’t like a weak password and expects you to strengthen it. Who cares how good the password is?
    Ohhh well I’m in!
    They are probably loosing half their field with that registration.