Now We’re Getting Somewhere


Now We’re Getting Somewhere

Quite a busy day at CFCV. Started the morning off with Peggy, who as ordered by her physicians, is looking for a little more exercise than her daily 3 mile walks to increase her heart rate. The challenge is to do so without pushing her too hard. I am pretty sure we can accomplish the task.

Then Carrie came over and she and I did the following "300 kettlebell workout" Dsc01170

Since Carrie missed the 3 minute snatch test when we did the Providence workout last week, I added it on to this one. Carrie definitely pushes the limits of her performance and is a lot of fun to work out with.

The after work crowd of Mike, Caleb, Claudia, Shalene and Ethan took on the following:Dsc01171

The real gratifying thing (which is probably what keeps me going in this endeavor) is to watch every participant improve on nearly a daily basis. Those that participated today know exactly what I mean and I thank each for their effort and participation.

Of course no Monday would be complete without TKD class and the conditioning that comes with it.

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  1. Ron

    I agree it was a fun one! By the way, you did a great job on Fran today. She’s more of a whole body workout but I didn’t see your comment until it was too late. Question is, would the workout have changed? MAYBE