November 9th


November 9th

Crossfit nov. 9th 

Fun WOD today!  Everyone is working hard on increasing their max effort snatch.  The snatch is a VERY difficult and amazing lift that requires lots of time being coached on technique.  I saw lot of wheels turning as you all worked through the hang snatch, you all did a fabulous job!  Mastering this lift will not happen over night unfortunately but we will all be looking even more awesome when we have increased our max snatch when the challenge ends in 7 weeks. 
Wehad a ton of people do the WOD today, we had 6 people at 2:30, 13 people at 4:30, 3 people at 5:30, and 2 on-rampers at 6:30.   It was a little hecktic coordinating the WOD at 4:30 but we did it.  Thank you guys for being patient and waiting your turn during the 3 waves. 
I have to send a shout out to ourtwo November on-rampers, Rhonda and Debbie.  These ladies are amazing!  They are super fun, hard working, and have spectacular attitudes!!!  I got to teach them how to do thrusters and dead lifts…. my favorites.   I think they may be a LOT sore tomorrow after their WOD….. great job today ladies keep it up!!!!
P.S. Sorry the picture is of poor quality, I had to take it with my phone. 
Thanks Guys,
Carrie 🙂
"What you give today you have. What you don't give today you've lost forever"

3 Responses

  1. Caleb

    Carrie, you did an awesome job juggling multiple stopwatches and the clock remote yesterday. Thanks for keeping all us 4:30-ers in line.

  2. Nicole Gesselman

    I have to agree the snatch does not happen over nite. Lots of coaching and praticing….. It is one of the hardest lifts to achieve. For some reason I keep forgetting the shrug??? Its just weird with the arm spand and shrug?

  3. Rachael

    Dang!! Look at the ALL those names on the board. That’s some accomplishment alone. Vegas has ruined me. I think I’ll just stay here and hide, maybe get a job as one of those “icky” card hander outers. A lady handed me one, I looked at it and yelled at her ” These aren’t even D cups!!!” as I threw the card on the ground in front of her. And then I stomped off, haha. I wondered if she thought I was crazy!
    jk that didn’t happen but maybe tonight I’ll get enough guts to say something grand like that. haha. I will admit I Have quite the imagination.
    OH! I made a visit to the vegas cf. They asked me how long I’ve been a crossfitter. Which I hate that question. Sometimes I have mad skills and sometimes I don’t. So I replied almost 3 yrs. The workout was:
    four rounds for time:
    30 double unders or 75 singles (I got two in a row once) lame.
    15 “full” swings (above your head) I used the 20k
    and sprint 200m
    To be honest I don’t remember my time…and I didn’t care. I was there for the shirt, woot woot!
    The only thing that helped me is that I can run fast-ish. Otherwise I was in suck town. I’ve grown to not hate pushups but I still remember HATING THEM my first 2 years of crossfit. Now I hate double unders, but that ‘two in a row’ felt great. So that’s what I’m working on when I get home. Miss you all see you bright and early Monday morning!
    ps- don’t judge my food log. What happens in vegas stays in vegas!!!