November 9th


November 9th

Was great to see some faces that went missing for one reason or another. Caleb and Jared were back along with Cindy and Jamie.

Special thanks to Anna and Michelle who did the painting on Friday, the bathroom will be a much more enjoyable space.

I placed an entry in the Record Courier events section for the Sunday friends/family and anyone else workout. The workout will be at 10:00 at the gym and anyone who is curious about what all of us have been doing are welcome. Well, anyone over 16 that is. I plan on doing this a couple of times each month if its successful. If any of the current members want to come help they are welcome and you could work out with people you bring if you want. Both Nicole and I will be there as well. Should be fun!

CFCV is providing a foundations session and first month's membership fees to Brian and Marissa's cheer group to auction this weekend. It might be a cheap way to get into CFCV for someone who is interested.

This week officially kicks off the second year in the current location. Pretty incredible!

The latest pass along is the movie Food, Inc. If you're ready fro a shocker on our food supply check this movie out! Makes me want to move to Kentucky and become self sufficient.