November 3rd


November 3rd

The update of the website is complete, at least until the new artwork arrives. In addition to schedule information, the starting at CFCV and prices pages have been updated. Some explanation is appropriate.

The monthly membership fee will increase effective December 1st. This price is for new members and as long as prior members remain active their fees will never increase. You will train at CFCV for the same price forever if you wish. If you have friends on the fence, they should attend a free introductory session or the free Sunday session to check it out. As long as they sign up before December 1st, their membership will be at the current rate.

The foundations sessions will also change effective December 1st. We will go from the 4 session foundations to an on-ramp program designed by Norcal. The reason has become obvious recently. We have taken training to the next level which requires more preparation than before, for both the newbies experience as well as existing members.

If you have any questions, let me know and I will gladly explain.