November 2nd


November 2nd

Crossfit message board link Still didn’t get a chance to update the website schedule. Hopefully I can get to it tomorrow along with some other changes. Today we continued with the quest for learning the snatch with the skill transfer exercises followed by some back squatting and sprinting.

It was cool to have Brad back again hopefully some others will surface tomorrow. Denny is back from his killing spree in eastern Nevada and the Reids are back from Hawaii. I hear Tim also had a smooth trip back to the east coast.I am also hoping for the arrival of the new squat stand and moved some stuff around in preparation.

During the squatting sessions today we talked about the “butt wink”. I offer these as input into working to solve the problem:

CrossFit message board link

See you tomorrow

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  1. Mark

    thanks for the research ron……….good stuff. i think “active” hip flexors is key. i’m also starting to think that this “butt wink” might be why my back has always killed me after doing heavy back squats.