November 26th


November 26th

Lovin the holidays. It is family time with kids, grandkids etc. but also the CFCV family. The other cool part is all the visitors that drop in. For the most part they are visitors that are returning like Cary Hair and his girlfriend Allison, although this was a first for her. Then there's the regular Mark, all were in the house on Wednesday. On Thanksgiving day I did Wednesday's WOD by myself before the family gig took place.

Friday's crew was a big one and of course we had to go with a partner WOD. The big classes always take a while to get organized and thanks for your patience. For some it's just too much and I apologize for that. Anna's son in law and grandson were there, first time for the kid but dad Dave has been here before. On this occasion he got his first muscle up, congrats. Sal from Reno also made it in. It's always cool to have athletes of his caliber to mix in with our folks.

There's been some interesting articles floating around the interweb about CrossFit lately. I linked to one by Robb Wolf on my Facebook age earlier in the week. Then there's the one that Jim mentioned to me on Friday that appeared in Men's Health. I think all have some points but the thing to remember is that all CrossFit gyms are NOT created equal. Another important realization is that CrossFit is not for everyone, despite some folks' claims. I like to think CFCV goes a step further than most typical CrossFit gyms but of course I am certainly biased.

It was good to see the comment by Janae on her recent visit to CFCV (CrossFit Cache Valley). I was looking at their info. and during the open followed their progress. From what I have seen it appears they are a legit affiliate and I am glad Janae had a positive experience. As noted in both articles mentioned above, that can be a crap shoot sometimes.

I was thinking maybe we should have a post workout Christmas party in the coming weeks. Anyone interested?

By the way, Robb Wolf has moved to Reno and promises to come in for a visit.

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