Week and members. Jim and Rich have finished their foundations classes and have attended a couple of full workouts as has Stacey. Now that they have been exposed to the basics I think they'll get a better idea of what the program is really about. We also have some new kids attending the CF Kids program. We are however missing some of the old guard; the Costas, the Willette's, Shalene, Jessie and Joanne. Also have been told that Janeen has moved on to a trainer position in Reno. Bottom line is we gain a few and lose a few which keeps things manageable.

I want to thank Denny for handling classes on Wednesday and Friday as I had some stuff that had to be tended to at my real job.

Now that we made it past last week and have had time to heal from the back squats we can get after it again. The soreness from that workout was deeper and lasted longer than any I can remember.

Seems the burpee challenge has entered the final 10 days. We are up to 90/day and believe it or not they don't seem to be that bad anymore. I have still yet to meet by goal of consecutive burpees but have 10 days and plenty of opportunity to practice.

See ya'll in the gym!

3 Responses

  1. Lola Reid

    Captain Ron, Sir! I know we all wined about the sqwat workout, I know I did. We must do it again. Great ideas, keep us coming back for more. See you soon for more torture that we all know we love!!! xoxoxo Lola

  2. Jared

    I agree with Ms. Lola! I haven’t been that sore in I don’t know how long. I was also sore for 5 days; yes I’m a wimp! But, those kinds of workouts are great. They remind you that you are still alive. Keep up the good work!