New Year New Things


New Year New Things



     We would like to thank everyone that came to the holiday party it was a great community event. We are very humbled by all the hard work and effort put in by all of the members that make CFCV what it is.


     The Noon class seems to be a hit, there has been regular attendance since the start of it. Coach Ron has been doing the Barbell Club for 2 weeks now, it looks to be going well also.  The Sports Yoga class is a big hit also!  If you are interested in any of these classes please feel free to contact any one of the coaches about any questions or schedule of classes.

                                                                 ARE YOU READY TO……….RUMBLE……..??? 

        The CrossFit Open registration starts today!!! Jan 15, 2015

CFCV will have a team page set up today if you would like to sign up click here   if you need help or have any questions please contact Chris or myself and we would be glad to help you!

There will be one  open work out announced per week starting the last week of February and every week for 5 weeks after that. There will be an Rx workout as well as a scaled version this year. These workouts are tough, but it is really cool to see how you rate in the world and in our region.

 Last year we had a get together pot luck at the box after all the open workouts were completed with enough interest we will do it again this year. 


     CFCV would like to welcome some new members, Cade, TJ, Tara, & Heather! If you see someone you don’t know please go introduce yourself and welcome them to the family. As always if you have comments, concerns, or something you would like to see at the box, please feel free to contact Chris or myself.


Remember set those fitness goals and go get them!!!! Keep up all your hard work and dedication!!!