New Year, I need YOUR Help


New Year, I need YOUR Help

As we settle into 2013, I have been reflecting on many things the last couple of weeks, one of them of course is how to improve our program. One of the concepts I learned from one of my mentors outside of the CrossFit camp is that we can not train masses of people with different goals with the same programming. Makes alot of sense right? So during this time of setting goals I need ALL of our member's input on what their goals are specific to what they expect from attendance at CFCV. For instance if your goal is to lean out, lose inches, lose weight, become healthier and look better naked that would be what you would pass on. If your goal is to get stronger, learn about movement and  yourself while remaining uninjured and improve your fitness that would be another. And if your interest is in being an elite athlete who competes in the CrossFit Games at the Regional or higher level that would be your goal. I hope you realize that by simply scaling the same workout will not produce the same results for each of the 3 classes of goals.

So I guess that's what I am coming to grips with. While training over the past few weeks for the Open, alot of us have gotten better at some things and some have become discouraged and worn out. It is now time to realize that we have to identify our goals and commit to training towards them for the forseeable future. The other hard, cold fact is that we cannot deliver on everyone's goal despite the desire and effort to do so. For some, lifestyle changes are what are needed. All the training in the world will not be effective if you don't sleep or eat at least somewhat reasonably. If your goal is to be competitive in Carson California for the Games this year, I'm not even going to pretend to be the level of coach that will get you there.

On the positive side, if you provide me with honest, reasonable goals the coaches and I will do whatever we can to help you meet them. We will be continuing to offer different workouts for different goals and that's again where you come in. I envision the bootcamp program to be the leanout, lose weight & inches and begin the path to a healthy dare I say sexier body.

The next level is the left side of the board where we will work on growing the training age, becoming stronger, learning skills, and basically learning ourselves. The right side of the board is for those prepping to do the best they can in the Open this year. We will continue our efforts on the current path and see where it leads. We are on target I believe to get a couple of folks to finish well in the open. Whether they actually qualify for regionals we will see.

And finally if you think you're the one to move through the regionals and on further you need to set aside 15-20 hours per week at least to focus on preparation. I will help the best of my ability and can make suggestions for further help but that is beyond my knowledge and experience and frankly time.

So please, get your goals to me in any form you like, email, hate mail, personal discussion etc. by the 13th of January.

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  1. Adrienne

    Hey Ron, my goal is to not suck at life. I will probably mostly be on the left side, but will attempt some scaled right side. Hey, I might even lose weight some day. Optimism is good right? Thanks for all you do.