New Week


New Week

Tomorrow we will have a visitor at 9:00. A photographer will be in the gym taking pictures of various members doing different movements. The purpose is to update the web page and blog with some cool banners like you see on other sites. If you don't want your picture to appear on the banners, let me know !

The schedule for the next couple of weeks will be challenging. There might not be any classes missing from the schedule but I will be in and out due to some other commitments. Stacey, Penny and I are going to the Mobility and Recovery cert in Redding, then a nutrition seminar with Robb Wolf in Chico.

Tuesday will be the last on-ramp class for this go-round. Sherri will be an awesome addition to the membership as will Michelle, Rick, Wayne and Stacy. Oh and Penny has a couple of sessions to make up then she'll be official. Do I dare tell her she has to make them up?

Here is an interesting link to Panu Getting Started Yet another variant of Paleo but as we move along I'm finding there are quite a few ways to skin it.

Its good to see the CrossFit Kids getting busy again. I have said before this is where the future of their life's fitness is patterned.

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    Exciting for the newbies to be joining us in our regular workouts!!! Cant wait to hear the challange for the nakeness!!It will be so much fun and very good results Im sure of it. U guys are going to have so much fun at the nutrition class and the mobility and recovery cert. Then the challenge will be on lads!!!! Bring it On!!!