New Heroes


New Heroes

It seems every time I return from a cert. what have you, I add another hero to the list. My level I cert introduced me to a side of CrossFit I had not previuosly understood and Coach Glassman. There were plenty of others who impressed me as well but Coach Glassman's vision and passion impressed me a bunch.

Level  II was another one that left a mark in a couple of ways but the take away theme for me was I needed to step it up a bunch to make the grade. Although I was pretty pissed at the reality of failing the test, Adrian Bosmans, Pat Sherwood and Nicole became more members of the hero club for me. I was really impressed with their passion for CrossFit and the movements.

Then there was Roger Harrell at the gymnastics cert. Again his passion for gymnastics and ability to break things down to the point I really believed I could do the stuff was incredible.

At the CrossFit Kids cert, Jeff Martin was added to the A-list for me. Again his passion for teaching movement to not only the kids but his clients at CrossFit BrandX moved me. I am sure others felt the same.

So last weekend was no different. Even though I have a long ways to go in learning the snatch, clean and jerk, Greg Everett and Aimee Anaya were excellent coaches. And I don't use the moniker Coach lightly. Their knowledge and passion filled the building.

But, while cruising my normal sites this evening, I ran across a link on Performance Menu's site to a blurb written by Robb Wolf. You might recall I mentioned him in a post earlier in the week. He is most known in the industry, I guess, for his nutrition knowledge, but I saw another side and that is the Coach Wolf personna while in Chico. The things he believes in and mentions in the PM article really are the substance of the business. At least as little I know of it. I have committed myself to life long learning a long time ago and with this my new passion, the learning fits in well. Check out PM and the link to Crossit NorCal.