New Faces


New Faces

We've seen several new faces at CFCV recently and today was probably a record. It started off with Buffy bringing Shauna to the 6am class. Shauna is the wife of Matt who has also been in a couple of times. He travels alot but seems to enjoy the workouts and we look forward to both returning. At 6am, Lindsey, Carrie and Teddy were also there.

At 9am it was Mike R., Caleb, Seth and Denny in for some box jumps, push presses and pull ups.

AT 1:00 Page, April and Jared gave it a shot.

2:16 saw the regulars Mark and Ryan with our friends from Virginia Mike and Jeff visiting again. Nice start on muscle ups!

4:00 was the busy hour. Nicole, Jessie, and Claudia were there as was Janeen. Its been awhile since Janeen's been to CFCV, nice to see her back. Newcomers Kara and Cathy also gave us a try. I hope that's the proper spelling of your names. We enjoyed having you.

Last but not least, Lisa and Penny did the WOD. Good effort!