Over the past week we had several new members come, some potential members, some newly painted boxes and some new pr's set.

We now have a new mascot, Jolie. Jolie is a 7 week old Golden Retreiver that was added to the family today. Her namesake is quite a gal but I'm sure Jolie will be a loyal and true friend.

We will also be adding a new piece of equipment soon. I am going to Sacto on Sunday to pick up a set of gymnastics paralell bars that I found a screaming deal on. I've been looking for some ever since the gymnastics cert. a few months ago. Due to this trip, CFCV will not have classes on Sunday. The only one signed up so far is Buffy, so if you really read the blog every night, you'll catch this right?

Claudia and I will be getting together early next week to figure out the schedule for at least the short term. At issue is what we are going to do with the kids program scheduling. I have not had much input so if you have desires/needs make them known soon.

Claudia will also lead the 1pm class tomorrow as I have an important engagement.

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  1. Buffy

    Yes, I caught it right…no class on Sunday smarty pants……can hardly wait to meet the new baby…such a cute name…and yes I am new compared to the others that have been coming for over a year……..