My Bad


My Bad

It was brought to my attention and later verified that I messed up when making the blog schedule. We did not have a Friends and family workout Yesterday (Sunday the 7th). It's actually this coming Sunday the 14th. I know of at least one that showed up to an empty and locked CFCV and for that I apologize.

Today we worked through a fun one. Again Jerry from Dallas was in the house and brought his mom. Mom watched while Jerry got after it. Lisa W. and Danie experienced their first class following the On-Ramp program at 9. Danie was at some of our old workouts prior to the move but is now experiencing the new CFCV. They both did really well.

Tonight we also started a new On-Ramp with Cristina being the lone ranger. If anyone else is interested, we will entertain adding them providing they join the fun before Wednesday. This also applies to those previous On-Rampers that did not finish the program. The beauty is it will not cost you anything additional. Bueller??

I wanted to give the Fittest of the Sierra a plug. I provided a link last post and will make another link soon but they really would like those that intend to participate to signup sooner than later. I encourage all CFCVers to sign up as we will have a large contingent. I don't want to talk shit but let's bring home the hardware!

I also encourage everyone to review Robb Wolf's last blog entry. Take some time and explore the links, pretty cool. I also recommend his latest podcast. For those of you stuck on Stevia, at about the one hour mark he has a nugget. Check it out. I also have some comments on the food logs. I will make them in the next day or two on the yahoo group.