Mother’s Day 2012


Mother’s Day 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all the members, coaches and bootcampers! We hope you have a great family day in this epic weather.

Haven't had the opportunity to watch much of the regional action but from the accounts I have seen there's lots of superstars competing. Good luck to Rachael and Nicole on their adventure next week to the NorCal regionals.

CFCV will be experiencing some schedule issues in the near future. With the girls heading to NorCal and some commitments they and I  have it will be important to review the schedule regularly and sign up for classes that are on the sheets at the gym. For instance this coming Friday the 18th there will likely only be a 6am on Friday the 18th.

Beginning the first week of June, the 2:30 class will be suspended. This means that those that regularly come then will have to attend either the 4:30 or 6pm or one of the morning classes. Once school is back in session we will reinstate the 2:30.

CFCV will also be camping at Topaz Lake beginning Saturday 6/2. The idea is to have a couple of sites and come and go for the weekend and the first week of June. We will also be there for the 2nd weekend. So far it's Peny and I and the McGills. Anyone interested should join in!

We have had a few newbies join. Nick, Hal, and Shane passed the gauntlet to enter regular classes and Suni and Angela are in the on-ramp.

Our Jackie numbers from Friday: