More Slackin’


More Slackin’

So I posted three days ago that my next post would be tomorrow and it didn't happen. Well here it is finally.

On the Zen Planner front, you will notice a link to the CFCV schedule as opposed to the Google calendar that was there before. A couple of important differences:

  1. The calendar reflects a typical martial arts school calendar which doesn't change. As you know, our calendar changes weekly. Zen Planner has made changes to their program to accommodate us, unfortunately the change that will allow the calendar you see on the blog is not yet complete. It will be soon.
  2. All of the current CFCV members will receive a password from Zen Planner allowing you to sigh into the member website. The calendar view you see when you sigh up (register) for classes is correct, but only goes out until April 19th at this point. I'm not sure how we'll address this in the future, but that's as far as I have updated it.
  3. That's right, you can sign up online for classes now. As far as I know it is listed under your family profile which can be reached when you login/sign up.

There are many more cool features which will be unveiled as I learn how to use them. The gaols with this system is to make things easier for you the members and to give us some business management tools before we grow too big.

The workouts for the past couple of days have been pretty challenging. Yesterday it was the barbell complex followed by some strength work and today we did the mainsite workout Barbara. Here are some pics from today:


The bonded carpet sure is a neat addition. It allows for a great place to do push ups, sit ups, burpees as well as some of the coll gymnastics type stuff. I kept all the numbers from today's Barbara effort and to be honest was pleasantly surprised at how well everyone did. New members, old members and returnees pushed it hard and we only had two people that didn't finish all 5 rounds. I was going to post the results but it's been a long day.