More Sectional Heat


More Sectional Heat

WOD 11.4 was announced a little while ago and contains alot of folks' goat the muscle up. 10 of them in fact if that's not enough, they follow 30 heavy OHS and 60 burpees. Should be interesting. Especially at the Fittest of the Sierra on Saturday where they intend to use 11.4 as their first WOD.

Again I posted some links on Facebook recently that I think you should see:



Hope you enjoy the videos and there are many more that I don't link to.

2 Responses

  1. Nicole Gesselman

    Great videos Ron Thanks for sharing. I dont think alot of people knew about how bad flip flops are. We all wear them and love them. Sugar???? Yes we all know about how bad it is too. But cant stop eating it. Nasty cirle…

  2. Claudia

    Dang, as if it wasn’t hard enough to cut out sugar, now I have to add my flip flops to the cut list!! Thanks for the videos both were eye-openers.
    Good Luck to all CFCV athletes at Fittest of the Sierra….go get it Carrie!!