More New Faces


More New Faces

As we start another year of CFCV we continue to see new faces at the gym. Gayle has completed an intro session and one foundation session. Brian and Sean the same and Leslie was in to check us out at 9 am today. They all will be back for more, but Leslie is kind of a special case. Her purpose is to "learn" what we do so as she can offer a Yoga workshop some Saturday in the near future. I'm not really a Yoga kind of guy but hey, I'm a 70's, no new millenium kinda guy, so we'll see where it goes. I'm curious to see if just learning what we do is enough or will Leslie become one of us?

Dana and Susie are integrating well into the classes. There are still many new things to learn and some concepts that may not be consistent with their earlier knowledge, but CrossFit and our contemporary concepts some times conflict with other teachings. I guess that's why we're controversial but effective.

One more week of building up to the final thruster challenge workout. I'm seeing some significant improvements in strength by many of our members, it will be interesting to quantify those via the thruster challenge.

With summer comes alot of folks missing classes for a variety of reasons. I sure hope we see all of the regulars and some of the newbies back that have been missing.

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  1. Ron

    Thanks for the comment and the video link. Truly inspiring and brought a tear to my eye. These are the things our kids should be doing instead of playing video games IMHO. I also want to recognize Penny for her work and support as well as Claudia, you and of course all our members, old new and perspective. Thanks…

  2. claudia

    OMG!! That was awesome, I had Mikey watch it with me, but I really think my girl would excel in something like that, I’ll have to show her next.