More in the Wings


More in the Wings

Moving right along, Dana and Susie are working hard at completing their foundations sessions and another potential member comes in tomorrow for an introductory session. Gail who is the wife of one of our Captains at East Fork is gonna give it a shot. I forgot I took the day off at the FD so we'll do the session at 10 after Claudia gets done with the 9:00. I trust she had fun today as did all the members.

One of our own, Stacey is a massage therapist and has expressed a desire to provide post workout massages. We will be working out something in the near future, keeping in mind that she has a commitment to her present salon. I don't want to jeopardize that relationship so whatever we do it will be within those parameters. I might add that Stacey worked on my Nicole hand the other day and it made a difference.

I am seeing marked improvement in our member's strength and overall conditioning lately. I hope the trend continues as my training abilities improve. I am committed to making whatever improvements I can on this journey.

Keith Wittenstein posted up another article  I think you all will enjoy. It can be found here

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