More Goodies


More Goodies

As the days move on, CFCV gets more and more equipment for both workouts and the facility. More stuff than is able to mention was received this week and more is scheduled to arrive next week. I am also getting increased inquiries regarding membership and class times. As class times are requested, we will make them available when the resources are in place.

While on duty the past two days Shalene has once again filled in by leading the classes. Yesterday’s effort was a couplet workout of 20, 16, 12 8 and 4 reps of Thrusters and pull ups then kb snatches and burpees followed by kb swings and sit ups. Then today’s workout was 10 rounds of 5 snatches, 5 pull ups, 5 squats, 5 kb presses R & L and 5 weighted push ups.

You may think I escape these workouts by being on duty but my coworkers also expect a good workout while I am on duty, so i try to deliver. Today the seasonal crew on B-14 did yesterday’s couplet workout and the boys from station 14, Roby and I also did the couplet workout in its entirety at station 1.

Following a well deserved rest over the weekend, CFCV’s CrossFitters will be back at it on Monday at CFCV.