More Girls


More Girls

Tim, Whitey, Lola, Barb, Penny and I mixed up 1 round of Helen, the 21 rep round of Fran and the 21 rep round of Dianne to round out the week. I am sorry but before everyone left, I neglected to tally up the composite times for posting purposes.

After doing the foot drill as a cool down for the past two weeks or so I'd like some feedback on whether it seems to help and is worth continuing.

I have also started to dabble with foam rollers as a cool down and at home. You can get some insight about their use by going to the Again Faster link in the friends of CFCV category in the left column of this blog. I believe there were2 installments in Jon's Mic'd instructor page.

There's so much to accomplish during each class its becoming hard to know what you really want/need. We always need to work on the basics such as the 9 functional movements, stretching, L-sits, muscle up progressions, Olympic lifting progressions, tumbling/gymnastics moves prep etc, etc, etc. My hopes are that the members of CFCV will provide input as to their desires so I can make them happen, or at least try to. One idea is to have some clinics that are focused on these things How would you suggest that be accomplished? I have some ideas on how to make it work but would like to hear yours as well.