Returned from Sacramento with the new parallel bars-at least new to us. According to Roger Harrell, the bars were manufactured in the mid 80's but are eternal. Over the past two days they have gotten quite a bit of use, my shoulders definitely know they're in the house.

Monday was quite a busy day. We had the 3 regulars at 6:00am and a full house at 9:00 Jackie and Jenny were there for their first workout as new members following the foundations classes. They did well! Joanne and Jessie were also for the first time in a week or so. Shalene returned from a long hiatus for the 4:00 class and the 5:15 was nearly full (9). Carrie M. was one of the returnees at 5:15. Immediately following the 4:00, Faith and Annika did a little circuit of swings, ring rows and box jumps.

Today brought another busy one with capacity workouts at 9:00 and near full classes at 4:00 and 5:15. The majority did the circuit WOD but  Caleb, Teddy, Ryan, Mark and I did Linda. William was in at 6:15 for his final foundations class and completed it with vigor. Friday we'll be starting  Cristy and Rusty on their foundations series. We also installed the climbing rope hardware today so look for it's installation soon.

At the end of last week I mentioned that I would be announcing the CrossFit Kids schedule. I had hoped to work out concurrent sessions at 4:00 with adults and kids but looks like that won't happen so, the Kid's classes will be scheduled for 6:30 pm  I'm still working on the start date but it will be soon. I also will be posting the updated training schedule on the blog in the next day or so and I realize that the classes for February are incomplete on the existing schedule, Sorry.

4 Responses

  1. Caleb

    Thank you Ron for working so hard to keep us all busy with new things to try. The parallel bars are cool, hopefully they will help me with my goal of the muscle-up. Oh, and welcome back Shalene. Hope to run into you at a class soon. Cheerleader!

  2. Jared

    I’m still alive! Thanks for the phone call Ron to check on me. It’s been a pretty miserable month or so with one sickness after the next. Today i finally feel somewhat “normal”. Welcome back Shalene. I’ll be in to work out on Friday at 9 AM if there is a spot open.