Monday Sept 28th


Monday Sept 28th

Thanks to friends, family and coworkers, this past weekend was epic. Not only did workouts happen at CFCV, I was able to have one of the best weekends imaginable, Street Vibrations and MX in Gardnerville. Don't know if that will ever be possible again.

Traffic was light today at the gym but Janae and Sabrina both got their third of four foundations completed. They both will be done in the next couple of days and then we start a few more noobs.

I am seriously contemplating a change in schedule effective the 5th of October. The change would move the 4:00 to 4:30 and add a 5:30 session. We would then have the Kids session at 6:30 as normal (if kids return). This would then enable us to have 10:15 and 3:30 as dedicated foundations slots with a potential of a 1:00 foundations or personal training session. I need your input yay or nay!

After 4 days of AAW's its time to return to our regular programming. Stand By!

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