Monday October 5th


Monday October 5th

Thought I would include a picture that was taken of Kelly in Cabo:


I guess you can apply a caption but I thinks its a pretty cool picture.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the CFCV members for their continued support and patronage. It is what keeps the dream alive for me and I am truly impressed with your hard work and  tenacity.

I ran across a post on Facebook that I want to provide a link to. The eliteness is a concept that I struggle with as you know from prior posts and Mark knows from our conversations. So consider the definition as you read this and I appreciate any comments you may have link. There are some bad words so if they offend you don't go there.

My comment is that although we may not be elite on this guys scale, the fact that people come to our gym unable to to squat correctly, they can now do overhead squats with substantial weight in a safe and sane manner. The overhead squat is just an example, you fill in the exercise and its true. Daily I am in awe by the improvements I have seen in our members. That's what its about from my perspective, and I sure never saw that at globo gym.

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  1. Caleb

    Hmmm. I read thru that other blog a couple times. Not sure what to think. I’ve never set foot in another CrossFit gym, so I have nothing against which to compare what we do at CFCV. I think his comments imply that I don’t belong here. I don’t see myself ever being an “elite” athlete, but I can’t see myself down at World Gym either. Aarggghhh. I’m having an identity crisis. Where do I belong???

  2. Ron

    I think you got one of the points! I believe Elite is a definition that is different from one person to another. Is a thirty something guy that can do 95lb overhead squats and clean (the whole thing) with 135lb elite? Compared to that couch potato over there, absolutely. Compared to Josh Everett, maybe not. If you’re getting what you come here for than it’s where you belong! How many Globo gymers can overhead squat a bar, let alone 95+ pounds?

  3. Caleb

    Yeah, I suppose it depends on your perspective. Mr. Grumpy Pants there is obviously looking at it from the perspective of the so-called “elite” athlete. I’m looking at it from the perspective of the guy who loves the program, the people and the huge progress I’ve made in 1 1/2 years. I can guarantee I personally wouldn’t get that from Globo, though some do I guess. I’m staying right here! Thanks