Monday Morning


Monday Morning

Early post today due to a likely late night due to CrossFit Kids this evening.

Great weekend! Not many takers for Saturday's workout, sorry I messed up the schedule in the first place. But it worked OK in that Kelly and Lola got some quality time working on OLY lifts. Not to mention Cary's pr in the snatch at 91kg (201 lbs). Here's a video:

While we were doing what we do, the movers and shakers of the CrossFit community were in Austin,Tx passing on their nuggets to others. There are several worthwhile videos to view here

I hope you all will spend the time to look at the videos from Greg Everett, Dutch, Freddy C., Robb Wolf and the others. I hope to make it to the next Black Box Summit, its all a matter of finances.

Remember that this coming Sunday is another of the free public workouts. Please invite those that may be interested and you feel would be a good fit for CFCV.

MX was great yesterday! I love to take the opportunity to "feel" what CrossFit has done for me. I still race two classes and although I don't set a blistering pace (far from it) I am one of the oldest riders and can still mix it up a little bit. My weakness is my grip more than anything. Not the arm pump but actual hand strength. Guess that'll be the next focus. Still waiting for the nuts to drop but if they haven't by now, guess they won't?

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  1. kelly

    good job Cary now I guess I better set my standards higher. Thank you Ron for helping Lola and I on Saturday, every once in awhile it’s nice to be the only ones there so we cab focus on our bad habits for which I have many. Thanks again….