Monday May 16th


Monday May 16th

Last week's training was tough, here's how we fared:


Folks have lots to say about squatting, jerking Grace but what I saw was lots of athletes working hard and moving really, really well.

Saturday was the first Open Gym Saturday as announced earlier in the week and added to the blog schedule. Jim brought some compadres, Cain and Kevin in for the event. Cain's wife Stephanie also came and did an introductory WOD while the boys carried sand bags, flipped tires and did some dips. Stephanie start the program with the on-ramp on the 24th.

Anna was also here picking up heavy shit, her favorite.

Will started the program today with an assessment. He will strt the on-ramp tomorrow morning @ 7:00.

Mark and I are talking about having a Saturday park workout somewhere between here and there next Saturday. Details to follow.

4 Responses

  1. Ron

    I tried to edit to make sure that Marshall was mentioned that he was in Saturday to do Grace. He was!

  2. Nicole Gesslman

    Im in for the sat wod! If i can get the time off…. Sounds so fun! Awesome job to all the folks at CVCF!! Keep it up 🙂

  3. Marsh

    Last week was a tough one. I am still sore. May I have another helping please? Would love a Saturday park WOD. Can someone call my work and tell them I am in prison or something? The Saturday open gym is awesome hopefully people take advantage of it I know I will.