Monday May 10th


Monday May 10th

Happy mother's day to all those I didn't get an opportunity to wish it in person today.

Traffic was kinda light today but everyone got their fill,I think. I know I did, today was day 1 of Dutch's program. I got to post and record my max snatch, max weighted pull up and run (he wanted me to sprint) a mile. The wind was an absolute godsend, not. Why is it when you run in the wind it is never at your back? Whatever!

Our pull up structure is for sale! Rhyno completed the first of 4 cross-members today and I think it will work bitchin. So, we will sell the existing to help pay for the new structure. I think the new structure will save some space which ultimately saves us from needing to move. I don't believe we use the current space to it's potential and am really not willing to move at this point.

For any members that are willing to give a testimonial, we will give you $20.00 off your next month's membership. It would be kinda cool to include some testimonials on the blog/website. I guess the whole guest blog idea didn't work so well.

We welcomed Cristie from CrossFit Truckee for the WOD today at 9:00. Hope she had fun.

And yes Jessica, it does get easier, but only if you come regular.

Back to the FD tomorrow, Nicole and Carrie will be your hosts for the next 2 days!