Monday March 15th


Monday March 15th

Another Friends and Family free workout is behind us. It was a disappointing showing with 4 members and 1 newbie but the workout was a good one. Better luck next time.

The Whole 9 program (Melissa and Dallas) is on their website map. I will be adding info to this blog soon as I pay the deposit. The program is scheduled for Wednesday June 9th and Thursday June 10th. Each date is a separate program. The cost will be $75.00 for folks that payment is received by May 28th. Those that use PayPal (yes, that option will be included on the site) the cost will be $80.00 if paid prior to May 28th. It will cost us $3.20 a person to have the PayPal option and our cost for the program is $75.00 from the presenters. We also must pay the balance to them 10 days prior to the event. Therefore anyone wanting to signup and come last minute will have to pay $90.00. The PayPal option is intended for out of town folks but anyone can use it once it’s posted.

I think the spring leaning is going well. Folks’ food logs are looking better and I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel much better. And going into this week things should be getting easier. I wanted to post these two videos from Seattle CrossFit for whom our challenge is modeled:

Wen Arto 2009 Fall LEANing Challenge Winner from Nancy Meenen on Vimeo.

Morrie Bills 2009 Fall LEANing Challenge Winner from Nancy Meenen on Vimeo.