Monday June 7th


Monday June 7th

Weather is heating up, I guess that's good and bad. More outside work, good more sweating, maybe not so good.

Kara ran in the Reno Odyssey last weekend with a team that included Kathy J again. Battleborn CrossFit and CrossFit Initiative, both of Reno also fielded teams. Good work to all.

Only 2 more days until the Whole9 Nutrition Workshop. If you haven't gotten signed up, now is the time. Again times are 5:00pm on Wednesday and 12:00pm on Thursday. Cost is $75.00.

Penny and I are going to Socal this weekend to attend a USAW Sport Coach certification. More OLY coaching tips for me! It should be uber informative and fun.

Tonight starts another new on-ramp program. If all show, we'll have a total of 6. Should be cool.

Brenda has left the building! She has moved to Corvallis Oregon and has already contacted the local CF affiliate up there. I'm sure she do well and continue her awesome transformation. Good luck Brenda and Brad!

Another great article link, thanks Kara.