Monday June 21st


Monday June 21st

Happy first day of summer and birthday  Kelly. I’ve neglected to mention a few birthdays lately, sorry Anna and the rest.

Response to the prospect of another challenge has been pretty underwhelming. We will move forward even if there are only a few but I really need to know your preferences. What I know for sure is we start on Monday the 28th and will have a get together Saturday the 26th to talk details and offer up some class time if needed. This will follow the first Saturday Friends and family workout at 9:00.

Due to recent changes in our insurance carrier we are in the process of developing gym rules for children’s presence. The two biggies are no kids on the gym floor during workouts and all kids on the premises must have a signed liability waiver by their parents. When the rules are complete we will post them for everyone to see. But the gym floor rules are effective immediately.

CrossFit Initiative in Reno is holding a special workout this Saturday to support our troops. You can get more information here.

Another great video stolen from San Francisco CrossFit:

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  1. Sheri Dunn

    Hey count me in on the challenge. I won’t be there for saturdays wod but super excited to start another challenge.