Monday January 11th


Monday January 11th

The only class I was at was the 6am. Sue, Nicolette, Kelly and Kara did the Bear complex which consists of power cleans, front squats, push press back squat and push press X7 for 5 rounds. Its pretty amazing the gains in strength they all have made not to mention the improvements in form while performing the moves.

I’m sure Nicole experienced the same in the afternoon class.

I also want to thank Kara for being a CFCV member for one year. Her anniversary with us was yesterday. Hopefully many more will come our way.

The latest installment in videos:

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    It was a good turn out 2day. It was nice to see how strong folks really are. It was good to see Tim back in action!! Newbies Andrew, Brenda,Barty and John did an amazing first “Bear” workout. Came along with the rest Will, Cindy and Racheal nice job guys peeps!!! Racheal did her last set with pushing though it #75 WOOT WOOT!! U go girl! Everyone did a fanstatic job!! I love this place and everyone here!