Monday August 1st


Monday August 1st

Paddleboarding was a kick last Wednesday, even though it was the windiest, roughest night they have had this year. So everyone knows ahead of time, I plan on having the combined 4:30 and 5:30 classes at Reagan Beach on 8/3, 8/24, & 8/31. The 10th and 17th will be at the gym and be regular classes. The races really are about fun competition and they give out some great raffle prizes too.

I have updated the schedule on the blog so it is more accurate then the paper schedules that we made available the last couple of days. The difference is I am on duty on the 16th and 17th instead of the 17th and 18th. The classes are slightly different but for the most part the same.

I have also added back the 2:30 on the 22nd to reflect the school starting date. Carrie says she'll be there the 16th – the 19th if I understand it right to open the door. Kinda like a 2:30 open gym.

I am seriously hoping that folks return from vacation and start coming back to class. It's hard to pay the bills when everyone is gone on vacation.

We are off to a good start with new folks though. Rod and Michele started the on-ramp with an assessment and wod#1 last week. Raimundo and Paige were in to check us out last week and wanted to come back today but work (mine) got in the way. Hopefully they'll be in next Monday.

Congrats to Adrienne S. for qualifying for the World Cup Downhill Series again this year! And to Karen Stoffer and the Geico team for their win at Denver. Strong work for the gals!

More to come tomorrow!

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  1. Carrie

    Yes Ron, I will be able to open the gym/work out Tues-Friday… I am not sure of my school schedule with the new year starting and meetings and everything. If you want to know if i’m going to be there please text me so we can meet. 775 790 2293