Monday August 16th


Monday August 16th

This month is flying by, school starts soon and before we know it rather than being overheated in the gym it'll be cold.

Hopefully the closure last Saturday will spur some interest in signing up for Saturday classes earlier in the week and possibly some communicating among members. It gets hard to be motivated to hold class for one or two people and certainly isn't economically sound if one of the gals handles the class. As long as there is interest and either Nicole or Carrie can do class on this Saturday, we'll have it.

Based on a few requests last week, barbell club meets on Tuesday and Thursday nights this week.

Tracy and Matt are doing well learning the movements and slaying the wods in the on-ramp program. Before you know it they will be working the regular classes.

As the summer closes it's time to start thinking about becoming more consistent with eating habits and gym attendance, at least that's where my head is at. We also have a few competition events coming up. More on those soon as they materialize.

A pic of Amy and Trent's son Teegun and our grandson: