Monday 12/15


Monday 12/15

Today's WOD featured thrusters and rowing sprints. Everyone pushed their limits but as usual Ryan and Mark killed it:


Although those guys go big, the efforts of the likes of Nicole, Newcomer Joanne, Claudia, Adrienne and the rest of the girls get some as well and those grunts from Caleb:


The rest of the numbers:



There are a couple of other folks I would like to recognize: Kathy has graduated from her "regimen" to do a scaled WOD like the rest. This is a big accomplishment and I am proud of her, Kara is working into the group nicely and working hard, Joanne was here today for her first workout and made it through the warmup and the workout and a big thank you goes to Monica who donated a GHD from her studio in Carson City to CFCV. There are several other standouts and I wish I could mention them all.