Monday 11/22


Monday 11/22

Thanksgiving week and we're seeing some visiting faces. Jamie was in from Chandler AZ. and hopefully he'll get that muscle up before he leaves. Michelle V's sister and nephew also got a dose of CFCV at 2:30. Wonder how they'll feel tomorrow?

Alyson showed again for the on-ramp #10 session. The barbell complex generally spooks the gals, but Rhonda and Alyson hung in there and got it done. Looking forward to some kettlebell work tomorrow night for the next to the last on-ramp for November.

Had talked about scheduling another on-ramp for December to accommodate those that wanted to get it done, but now I'm hearing that folks want to hold off 'til January. So here's the deal, I need to personally hear from more than 3 folks that are willing to commit to a December on ramp schedule by this Friday (11/26) or there will be no December on-ramp.

You'll notice that in the right column of this blog that I have added a link to the meal of the day. I was approached by the folks that created the blog and after review have decided it might be another tool in the nutrition tool box for some.

If you check out the about us page on the CFCV website you'll also notice that I have added pics and bios for each of our wonderful coaches. I didn't add my picture because I still haven't seen one that represents how I see myself. Guess that's one of the perks of being the one with the password?