The first On-ramp of 2011 gets it done! Tasha missing in the pic and I was going to photoshop her in but  I'm not Photoshop literate:


We also saw the completion of the Challenge recently. I have some reflections I will share in the near future as well as scores but I wanted to announce the winners:

Carrie McGill & Wayne Prouty:


The Oly Meet is on for tomorrow and hopefully CFI will show we invited area affiliates but not much interest I guess. We will go as planned for 10:00 even if it's just us. Will bring some GF ground beef for burgers and such.

Ran across another excellent article on Facebook that was linked by Mike OD. He was one of the "active" CrossFit dudes back when I first started cruising and learning the CrossFit way. There's a back story to this but what is important is he is credible in my book and he keeps pointing me in the right direction. Here is the article.

These also help:


Schedule for February coming soon, On-ramp starts Feb 1st. 2 committed, room for 2 more.


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