Although CFCV was dark for the past 3 days, two individuals were beginning a new journey. Claudia and Shalene attended the CrossFit Level I Certification at CrossFit One World in the Bay Area. They survived the overwhelming process and they and CFCV will benefit greatly. Here is a pic (the lower one) that was posted on the main site in case you missed it:


Back at CFCV, there were others that met milestones as well. Barb,  Dan and Lindsey  finished their first full WOD. Sarah, Jared and Janeen also did their best on theirs WODs. Seth increased his Cindy effort by a full round and Caleb finished his first as prescribed Cindy all in all, the 3 days off helped everyone in different ways.


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  1. Seth Blackford

    Congratulations Claudia and Shalene! We can’t wait to hear about it. And I believe I increased by two rounds on Cindy not just one.