Today CFCV reached a couple of milestones, at least in my mind. We were officially granted affiliation as a CrossFit  Kids facility-the first in northern Nevada that I know of. Next step is to figure out the schedule which I am leaning toward a 6:30 CrossFit Kids class. If there's other input, let me know.

We also "graduated" the first foundations class at CFCV. Doug, Jackie and Jenny  finished up their  3rd foundations class which focused on kettlebell moves that are commonly used in our workouts. The idea was not to make them proficient necessarily, but to expose them to the moves via the AOS workout Pinnacle. We followed it up with Tabata squats as a right of passage.

The rest of the CFCV classes did the CrossFit workout Tabata this. The results:

Monica    36
Matt        36
Buffy        33
Adrienne    52
Claudia    42
Caleb    40
Mike    34
Dennis    52
Carrie    46
Kara    43
Mark    50
Seth    36
Naomi    40
Michelle    42
Jeff    43
Nicole    39
Zach    26
Lisa    35
Kathy    28
Jason    36
Jayde    35
Whitey    33
Penny    24

Keep in mind the numbers are relative to each individual due to scaling. I will add that Kathy has come a long way in being able to just complete such a workout. She is not the only one, but strong effort by everyone. I am proud!!

Some pics of the 4:00:



One other mentionable-box painting by Ethan, good job!

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  1. Seth Blackford

    I like the new design on the boxes Ethan, good job! I am not crazy about my butt sticking out, thanks.
    That’s exciting news about being CrossFit Kids certified. A lot of changes seem to be just around the corner.
    Yay Burpees!