Didn't get around to posting last night-long day at CFCV. I would like to clarify why I posted those two videos last time. I consider CrossFit Seattle as the inspiration for this challenge along with Melissa Urban and Robb Wolf. Sure there may have been others before them or whatever, but they and our members are the inspiration/reason for the challenge. That said I wanted to give props to our peeps because the food logs I have been reviewing (I look at all of them, posted and provided on paper) demonstrate what I believe to be more of a commitment to the challenge. If the two from up north can have such dramatic results, just think how well our folks' will be.

As usual I have been "cruising" for some additional info and found this page. Just another resource for those trying to keep it real. And there has been an update to Panu's  12 that I posted a long time ago. Here is the link and you may want to cruise his other blog entries, there's some pretty good info.

Enough of the nutrition stuff…..I want to also give props to everyone who was in the day before yesterday and endured "Barbara". I recognize it was a beat down workout, but with a purpose. We are coming up on the Fittest of the Sierra competition up at the lake and although I don't think there will be a chipper of that magnitude, I wanted to return those that have been with us for awhile to the "roots" of CrossFit. If you follow the main page much you will see lots of these type of workouts. Our focus has changed a little because to do well in these types of workouts we all need to be stronger but still need to measure improvement from time to time. Barbara  is one that does just that, physical and mental endurance. Anyway, though the results are hard to compare from person to person, here they are:

Crossfit 317 064

CV Barcelona has been training at CFCV for the past 5 weeks or so. They come in once a week to supplement their soccer practices and conditioning. I have seen improvements in their strength and I think they have some fun in the process. Below are some pics from their "after workout" shenanigans:

Crossfit 317 066
Crossfit 317 067
Crossfit 317 068
Crossfit 317 070