Meet Results


Meet Results

Thanks to the folks that came and participated in the first ever CFCV weightlifting meet. And thanks to Penny for being the judge. I had fun and I think that although we are all CFCV members and train together I think the competition and pressure were eye openers to some. Or maybe it was ESPN's presence. I am told that the film will be edited and made available to those who want it. I wonder if we are the same six listeners to Robb Wolf's podcasts?

DSC01279 (2)
Oh and those are pounds not kilograms.

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  1. This looks like a great idea. Let us know when the next one is and I’ll try to bring some people from CrossFit Initiative down from Reno if you guys would be up for that.
    CrossFit Initiative

  2. Ron Haskins

    It was way fun and we learned alot. I was hoping others would join in the fun. I’ll announce it a few weeks out and let you know. I’m thinking Jan 22nd or 29th.