Mayday 2012


Mayday 2012

Hard to believe another month closer to summer. It's great to spend a little more time outdoors and soon it will be alot.

Just wanted to give a heads up that Lilly is arranging for a climbing outing this Saturday in Kyburz. I am sure it will be a blast. See Lilly or contact him for more info. There is a signup sheet on the board so please signify your interest by signing up.

Looks like our friends at South Tahoe Standup Paddle have successfully won the contract for a paddleboard concession at the newly remodeled boat house and park at El Dorado beach. Their Wednesday night series will be starting soon and the park is really nice now.

Penny, Rhonda and I went out to Topaz and paddled this past weekend. The stoke is on and AVISO is RAD.

Speaking of RAD, Mark should be moving into his new space soon. It is more accessable, bigger and they now have some pretty cool art on the walls. Congrats!!

The bootcamps are going well and I can't say how pleased I am at their success and the job the gals are doing. I feel the new space is working well and is coming along.

I have completed a few more atlas stones so we shouldn't have to wait for 90 lbers anymore. I hope to acquire a couple of more molds, one lighter than 90 and one heavier than 150.

Penny has been working on finishing up the stripes and will be spreading a little more paint around in different places.

We were gifted a couple of more spinning bikes we'll figure out something to do with them.

By this time next week we should have a few more new members that have finished the on ramp program.

Contemplating a camping trip. Maybe Topaz lake for paddling and other family fun or maybe back to Walker River Resort or both. Let me know your interest.