May 24th 2011


May 24th 2011

After all the excitement with Michael, Mike and Mikey we worked in another fun one. This one is from Invictus and is called Sage for Sage Burgener. It was a perfect closer for the week:


This past Saturday the second Saturday open gym was held. Attendance was sparse at best with only 3 CFCV regulars. This weekend's park workout with CrossFit RAD would be fun but so far there are 2 maybe and I probably. I realize it's Memorial Day weekend so if no one lets me know by tomorrow afternoon that they will definitely make it, we'll cancel our participation.

This month looks like a ggod one for PR's. One of the most impressive is Ryan's completion of the Airdyne Challenge. He completed 304 calories in 10 minutes. He wasn't worth much after that, but he definately got it done on his first attempt.

Yesterday we had some visitors at CFCV. Ben and Kim brought Mark in for the WOD. Ben and Kimare from CrossFit Ventura and Mark lives here locally. Ben and Kim come by while visiting family periodically and will return again I'm sure.

Stephanie started the on ramp today with an assessment and WOD #1. She will be alternating days with WIll until he finishes his on ramp next week. He's doing well, we'll see how he likes the barbell complex and kettlebells coming up shortly.

3 Responses

  1. Rachael

    Today is the first day I can breathe. I still can’t cough, laugh, or stand up straight. But it’s getting better…FINALLY. Screw Michael!!

  2. Ben Johnson

    Er – Hey Ron, Ben here. Kim is my lovely wife’s name and I would suspect that you will hear from Mark sometime in the near future. He’s looking at getting another dish of some of your Kool-Aid!

  3. Ron

    Ben and Kim, sorry for the screw up. I was hoping I had it right and my name recall sucks. So again sorry. I was however impressed with all of your efforts and Kim’s oly skills are truly impressive. Hope to see you again soon and we’ll mix up a batch of Kool Aid when Mark returns.