May 22nd


May 22nd

One of my most trusted confidants commented that I need to make an effort to post daily to keep the interest and community side of things going so here's another bunch of randomness.

Glad to hear Kara is back in town and sad to hear that Rachael won't be able to work out with us anymore. There are a few others we haven't seen in quite awhile either.

Heard some good news from the new owner of the Reno CrossFit affiliate. Seems she will be having some certs in the future starting with the oly cert in October. As soon as the dates are firmed up I will pass on the info. You can find her blog on the main page at under the affiliates page.

The CrossFit kids classes are generally well attended and here's a few pics:

Reece also showed up for the 5:15 with Robbie and Barb. Is he on time out or just relaxing?

Denny's betrothed was in for her introductory session on Thursday. She starts the foundations sessions on Monday at 10:00 any others interested?

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  1. Stacey

    I, for one, look forward to your posts and enjoy the links to other blog posts/articles/videos that you find inspiring or interesting. That last link to Dutch’s blog was some good food for thought, as was one of his earlier posts on having FUN, which I’ve gotta say is the main reason I keep coming back 🙂