May 15th


May 15th

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday’s efforts of Level oners Dan, Nicole, Janeen, Jared, Lindsey, Sarah and Lisa:


Also the level two workout  Shalene, Caleb, Seth, Claudia enduredDsc01360

A few issues to address:

The new workout periods that have been discussed over the past few days are

0900 Level II

1300 (1 pm) Level I

1600 (4 pm) Level I

17:00 Level II

Please observe these start times as the classes become hard to manage when people show up on the half hour. I don’t want to become inflexible but it is only fair to everyone else to start the appropriate workout on time.

Also as we talked about over the past few days, rather than the current schedule based on whenever I’m off duty from my real job, we are going to try a 5/2 schedule. This means that regardless of what days I am off, CFCV will have workouts at the above times M-F. This is subject to coverage by one of the 3 certified instructors. I also plan to have some workouts in the park this summer on the weekends for fun, exposure and family camaraderie.

There are other times available throughout the day based on necessity and pre-arrangement.

Now that Shalene and Claudia have returned from the CrossFit Cert., its time for them to lead some workouts. It just so happens that I am leaving on vacation May 19th and will return on the 27th. During my absence Shalene and Claudia will be covering for me. They have worked out a schedule for the week of 5/19 thru 5/23 that mirrors the normal times with the exception of Thursday 5/22 when both are busy and can’t cover. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT IF YOU CAN’T MAKE CLASS YOU LET ONE OF THEM KNOW. THEIR CELL NUMBERS CAN BE OBTAINED BY CALLING ME. I obviously don’t want to publish the numbers here where the net has access. As they will be coming to CFCV from wherever they are it is only fair for you to let them know if no one will be there so they don’t waste their time.

These are exciting times with potential for growing due to Shalene and Claudia’s commitment to CrossFit and CFCV. We will entertain the addition of more class times as they are proposed or requested. Let your needs be known.

The workout times for this Saturday will be 1:00 (1300) and 4:00 (1600). Please let me know if you plan to attend as they won’t happen if there is no interest.