Friday was the culmination of the July Challenge. There were a few that didn’t make it on Rhursday so they completed the challenge. All I can say is wow! Although there were a few different people adding to the effort from the first workout, the improvements were significant.

On the 6th of July the numbers were men: 317 (seconds) Women: 364

On the 30th and 31st the numbers were: men: 258  Women: 286

I don’t know where this puts us in the standings of the challenge but the improvement is astounding. Good Work!

The CrossFit Kids session on Friday night welcomed Markus’ friend Nolan. He worked his tail off and did a great job.

As mentioned before, we are starting a t-shirt logo contest. Each entry will be posted and the majority vote on the design will rule. We will end the contest August 28th and the winner will get a free month membership as well as a couple of shirts.

Saturday’s workout was a ton of fun. With all the talk about the CrossFit Games I felt it fitting that we did a team effort workout from the Affiliate Cup at the Games. So, in teams of 4 (and one of 5) we did the stadium workout which consisted of:

Each member performed

30 wall balls, 300m row, 30 KBS, 30 box jumps, 30 db push press/jerk and 30 deadlifts. After the first member finished the wall balls, the second started etc. It was challenging and gave folks a flavor for the Affiliate Cup portion of the games.

I am trying to figure out how to take portions of the video I filmed during the last Challenge workouts and post it in a way that not the whole internet has access. I can do the latter easily enough but have to work on the former.

Denny brought the following video to my attention which was posted on CrossFit Vancouver’s site. Enjoy: