March 9th


March 9th


The on-ramp for March starts tonight with 9 folks. Since this is double the max we like to have we will use 2 instructors for each session. Again tomorrow’s session will not be held due to a prior commitment to participate in the CVMS health fair.

CFCV is proud to sponsor another local athlete in Adrienne. She is a client of Mary’s who will be training with her at our gym as well as other spots in the valley. Adrienne competes in downhill mountain bike events and is an accomplished alpine skier as well. With Mike Hackler the pro jet ski racer this brings to a total of 2 sponsored athletes at CFCV not counting the myriad others that compete in our sport of CrossFit to a lesser degree of sponsorship (moral support). Wish we could sponsor everyone for everything but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

I have signed CFCV up as a participating affiliate in the CrossFit Open. This means that we will host Open workouts for the duration, unless shit goes bad. I will also be entering us as a team and you can get more info here


I have been sharing good stuff I find on Facebook links as often as possible. If we are not friends (on Facebook) you probably won’t see them, at least from me. There have been quite a few clips of oly lifting but I want to share this one here as you might notice some of the names:

Arnolds 2011 Women’s Elite Session from Jocelyn Forest on Vimeo.

Dutch also did quite well.

Tomorrow I’ll finally be released from my hostage crisis if only for a few days and be back in the gym. Can’t wait to see ya’ll.


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