March 7th 2012


March 7th 2012

Here is the late celebration of February PR's:

Folks continue to impress me with their improvements in both strength and capacity.

We also have been experiencing tremendous growth with the addition of the Bootcamp classes. It is humbling to see folks in both classes working so hard simultaneously. We will be acquiring some more matting and moving some of the blue matting into the other space in an effort to make the new space more usable. I am hoping this will alleviate some of the congestion and confusion.

The other growth that is occurring is the addition of new members to CrossFit classes. In addition to Dan, Andi just started this week. She is an experienced CrossFitter from other affiliates and please welcome her when you see her. Sal sneaks in and out with some of his coworkers as does Lilly with some of his.

We have also had some of Jim's coworkers in for Open workouts on Saturdays as they are part of the CFCV team. They work very hard and we're glad to have them.

Here is the CFCV participant's scores from 12.2:


We will be doing 12.3 the next 2 days for those that wish. Saturday's schedule will again be at 10:00 to allow those from down south to make it up well rested.

I encourage everyone to review the videos I shared on Facebook on the CFCV page, the group or my personal page. Great info that certainly differs from concepts I was taught originally.

Good luck to everyone!